Our Journey

March 2004 – Andy and Shontel meet and start dating

November 2004 – Andy proposes and she says “yes!”

October 2005 – We got married!

March 2009 – We decide to start a family

July 2009 – Great news! We are expecting!!!!!

September 2009 – Devastation – our first miscarriage

November 2011 – Second miscarriage

December 2012 – Third miscarriage

January 2013 – We discover that Shontel has two strands of MTHFR (a blood mutation that does  not allow your body to absorb or use synthetic folic acid… making it almost impossible to create DNA without the correct folate.) Fixable! Hope springs new!

May 2013 – Shontel’s father passes away. Two weeks later we find out we are pregnant again.

July 2013 – After all things were going well, another miscarriage. Doctors have no answers this time.

March 2014 – It’s time for a new journey!!!! We are hopeful and ready to begin!


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