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Sometimes God surprises you…

I have noticed that there are times in life that as you are following the path the Lord set you on, He changes the course. Without notice, He gives you a surprise.

We have begun this journey towards parenthood. It was nothing like we imagined it would be. It was a broken path, a path full of hills and valleys. It seemed that the Lord would only show us a few feet ahead, never giving us the full view of what was before us. Maybe it was a lesson in trust. Maybe He was using this to mature and change us. All we know is that He is certainly in charge and He has a good plan for us.

So we were busy working towards the adoption, and one phone call changed our focus to foster care. We did our classes, prepared our home and got our paperwork in order. But with each step, there seemed to be something in our way. Things just were not turning out as we hoped.

In the midst of this craziness, God gave us a surprise. It scared us and gave us hope. But here we are, continuing on, doing our best to keep our faith.

So without further ado, the pups have something to announce:


And YES, things are going well. Our doctor is pleased and has released us to low-risk care. Praise God! This is certainly a miracle.


No Decision Yet

We are still praying on domestic vs. international. Honestly, we will probably end up doing both but which first?

Have been communicating with our case worker for our home study and it appears that most international adoptions are a 3-4 year wait. Seriously.

Our heart has always been international. But does it have to take so long when there are orphans all over the world waiting for parents? Why is it so difficult just trying to become a mommy and daddy to one of these precious ones?

Domestic is a wonderful option as well, but there are factors in domestic that international adoption just does not have. With local adoption, you can be all set to adopt a baby and the birth mother can change her mind. We must be prepared for that event but after the loss we have already had, it is difficult to be ready for a moment like that.

On a side note, Espresso had a procedure this week… He does not like the cone of shame. *smile*

not happy puppy