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Twist in the plot

In an unexpected plot twist for our crazy story, we are now on the path to become foster parents! Honestly never thought we would ever consider this path but as The Lord leads, we follow.
We also have our home study on a fast track. This includes spending most of our spare time gathering paperwork, getting the room ready (moving all the “catch all” items out), and getting all the random ducks in a row… All the while doing foster care classes and homework for DCS.
We met last week with our lovely case worker for our home study and have one more meeting to schedule with her!
Dad always said, “if God gives you a door, push on it and see what happens”. So we are pushing and waiting to see what The Lord does.


Life Happens

So we are trying to finish our list of “needs to get done before our home study”… With our schedules and finances, it seems to be taking forever. But it will be worth it!

We have decided to begin with a domestic adoption process. But as soon as we get that going, we will also be starting an international home study. We want to adopt a young child from Ethiopia. As we were talking and praying about this process, Ethiopia has become a passion. For me, (Shontel), East Africa is HOME. It just makes sense.

As for the domestic, we are simply hoping that the Lord brings us the child that we are meant to raise. We do not care about race, as skin color makes no difference to us. We are adopting. We do not need a child with our eyes or hair or who even remotely looks like us. *smile* We are honestly hoping for a crazy colorful family.

So now it’s time to start raising money for the home studies and adoptions!!

Baby Steps

We officially have a social worker!

Now we begin the process of a home study. This process will take several weeks to complete. We must get physicals, update the pugs’ vet records, get recommendations from others, prepare our financial records, raise the money for the home study… trying to make a list.

Was able to chat with a great friend this week who has already trudged this trail. She has the most beautiful 15 month old little girl that she and her husband were able to adopt and bring home from the hospital. It was so encouraging and eye-opening to talk to another mom who truly understands the craziness we are facing.

Next decision: International or Domestic adoption.