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Sometimes God surprises you…

I have noticed that there are times in life that as you are following the path the Lord set you on, He changes the course. Without notice, He gives you a surprise.

We have begun this journey towards parenthood. It was nothing like we imagined it would be. It was a broken path, a path full of hills and valleys. It seemed that the Lord would only show us a few feet ahead, never giving us the full view of what was before us. Maybe it was a lesson in trust. Maybe He was using this to mature and change us. All we know is that He is certainly in charge and He has a good plan for us.

So we were busy working towards the adoption, and one phone call changed our focus to foster care. We did our classes, prepared our home and got our paperwork in order. But with each step, there seemed to be something in our way. Things just were not turning out as we hoped.

In the midst of this craziness, God gave us a surprise. It scared us and gave us hope. But here we are, continuing on, doing our best to keep our faith.

So without further ado, the pups have something to announce:


And YES, things are going well. Our doctor is pleased and has released us to low-risk care. Praise God! This is certainly a miracle.


Twist in the plot

In an unexpected plot twist for our crazy story, we are now on the path to become foster parents! Honestly never thought we would ever consider this path but as The Lord leads, we follow.
We also have our home study on a fast track. This includes spending most of our spare time gathering paperwork, getting the room ready (moving all the “catch all” items out), and getting all the random ducks in a row… All the while doing foster care classes and homework for DCS.
We met last week with our lovely case worker for our home study and have one more meeting to schedule with her!
Dad always said, “if God gives you a door, push on it and see what happens”. So we are pushing and waiting to see what The Lord does.

National Infertility Awareness Week

Well, it’s National Infertility Awareness Week this week. Not like we really need a reminder in our home.

We bought our home (our first house) in October. We filled it with furniture and boxes of possessions. It gets messy and crazy with our three dogs… and yet it’s still empty. We long to fill our home with the laughter of children. We never thought we would have to go an unconventional route to do so, but God knew. He has prepared us for this moment. 

But out of awareness and kindness to others, please take a moment and pray for those who struggle with this burden of infertility. It’s a tough journey, and everyone’s story is different. 

And PLEASE be careful of your words… just as you never ask a woman if she is pregnant, asking a woman when they are finally going to have kids or another child is not okay. You never know what struggle she might be keeping quiet. Just a Public Service Announcement. Thank you.