A quiet week

Last week was a quiet one. No blogs to post. Nothing changed on the adoption front.
But a week of reflection. This past Wednesday marked the one year anniversary of the loss of one of the greatest men we have ever known… My dad. Our lives are eternally changed by his absence. Nothing will ever be the same. We have had to find a “new normal”.
And just a few days later comes “Mother’s Day”. While enjoying focusing our attention on my mom, it continues to ache in my heart that I am a mother with empty arms. My four babies await me in heaven… but what do I say if someone asks the dreaded question “do you gave any kids?” Or a pastor asks all the mothers to stand up to be honored (which they SHOULD BE)… Do I stand?
And not knowing where or how this adoption journey will take us sometimes leaves my heart with a simple ache.
This week was a quiet week…. Of simple reflection.


2 thoughts on “A quiet week

  1. It really is hard in church on Mother’s Day. I really think that ALL women should be asked to stand, because even those without a baby in their arms are mothers. Whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, trying to conceive… women are mothers, it’s our instinct. We care for others’ children as well. You provide childcare on a daily basis and you have four babies in heaven. You are a mother. Love you, friend! ❤

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