No Decision Yet

We are still praying on domestic vs. international. Honestly, we will probably end up doing both but which first?

Have been communicating with our case worker for our home study and it appears that most international adoptions are a 3-4 year wait. Seriously.

Our heart has always been international. But does it have to take so long when there are orphans all over the world waiting for parents? Why is it so difficult just trying to become a mommy and daddy to one of these precious ones?

Domestic is a wonderful option as well, but there are factors in domestic that international adoption just does not have. With local adoption, you can be all set to adopt a baby and the birth mother can change her mind. We must be prepared for that event but after the loss we have already had, it is difficult to be ready for a moment like that.

On a side note, Espresso had a procedure this week… He does not like the cone of shame. *smile*

not happy puppy


4 thoughts on “No Decision Yet

  1. You can do both at the same time, right? Why not start international process (knowing that it takes longer) while also starting the domestic adoption process. I’ve never heard the 3-4 year estimate, but international definitely takes a while.

    1. Our case worker has mentioned that. It might be our best bet. Hopefully a domestic adoption wouldn’t take that long and then we would just grow our family both ways. 🙂
      The reality of wait time is probably because we are wanting Africa… and several countries are making things more difficult for Americans to adopt. But we are still researching options.

      1. Long term, I have an interest in international adoption; have you looked into Ethiopia. Last I heard from BCS (my inquiry was with Bethany Christian Services) they had a pretty quick turnaround.

      2. Ethiopia is our first choice… from what my case worker has told me this week, they are changing things in Ethiopia and it is making wait times longer. Since I grew up in East Africa, I understand the politics, but it frustrates me for sure.

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