Baby Steps

We officially have a social worker!

Now we begin the process of a home study. This process will take several weeks to complete. We must get physicals, update the pugs’ vet records, get recommendations from others, prepare our financial records, raise the money for the home study… trying to make a list.

Was able to chat with a great friend this week who has already trudged this trail. She has the most beautiful 15 month old little girl that she and her husband were able to adopt and bring home from the hospital. It was so encouraging and eye-opening to talk to another mom who truly understands the craziness we are facing.

Next decision: International or Domestic adoption.


3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I am glad you are meeting people who can help encourage you as you begin this. I think its so vital to start building your village now, before you have baby in arms.

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